Hello There! I’m Not Dead.

So I guess a few of you are wondering “Hey, Trigger…. where the fuck is the game?”. A fair question given the number of times I’ve been just shy of releasing it in the past year or so. The best answer I have is that it’s just not done yet.

The checklist that I had posted made it seem like all the major content was ready and that I just needed to polish and refine the existing content, and the game would be ready to go. At the time that was true, but I was never happy with the quality of the content, and so I delayed and remade some of it until I was happy again, or so I thought.

After even more play testing I realized the quality of the content earlier in the game was significantly higher, at least it felt that way, than the screens later in the game. The endgame content lacked a certain charm that makes me love replaying the first couple worlds over and over.

No matter how much I want to be just done with the project I can’t just release it in its current state. The biggest problem is world 5, the unreleased final “full world” in the game themed “glitch world”.


A screen in glitch world before destroying the glitch nexus.

In glitch world you played a set of 10 or so screens and at the end you reach a Mother Brain style mini-boss I called the “glitch nexus”. After it dies it ‘corrupts’ the screens changing the behavior and appearance of them. You then have to play through the corrupted screens backwards to the start to reach the world boss.


The now removed “glitch nexus miniboss”
A “glitched” screen

The concept was interesting, but my realization of it just fell far short of what I intended to create. It is easily the least creative and pointlessly challenging (over reliance on simple static killers and cheap traps) in the game. I can’t release content that I don’t enjoy playing. In my full playthroughs I found myself invoking dev tools on several occasions to skip most of this area.

So I’m going to delete it. I’m going to remake world 5 with a different theme and then release the game. It will be a waste of so much work, but I can perhaps reuse some of the content.

Based on the past I know better than to set a deadline or a release date because odds are I will fall short, but know that I am still working on it, and I haven’t left the project to die. Thanks again for your continued interest. Hope to see you soon.

PS: Here are some spoilerific screenshots to add a little meat to the post:


The new world 5 theme.
Secrety secret areas?
Some world 4 stuff
More world 4 stuff
More world 4 stuff
Even more world 4 stuff
 World 4


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  1. Hey Trigger, glad to know that your still keeping up and at it. It’s got to be hard to go through building an entire world only to find yourself unsatisfied with the result, but it happens. To go through with building an entire new world to replace it is showing some strong dedication to this project, and I know that when it finally comes to the time when you’re ready to give us the game, you’ll be happier with it and we’ll love it. Best wishes for a great summer!

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