Late Night Rants #004 – Ramblings of A Mad Man

So, it’s been about 4 months since my last update and over a year and a half since there has been a new official (public) version released. In the last few days I’ve really decided to take up work on the game once again.

My new goal is to make at least ONE screen every day until the game is completely finished. Given that there are less than 20 screens remaining until I feel I can release a version, if I stick to a solid schedule, I should have a version out before the end of October (this is not a release date announcement, please don’t anticipate a version next month, you’re likely to be disappointed)

That being said, there is more work to be done than just screens and a boss two. There is an absolutely massive amount of details, sprites, and secret-related content I still need to put work into. I feel like this content is what really causes delays as the work on them is quite repetitive and rather boring to actually complete.

Additionally, there are a couple trouble areas of the game that I really feel the need to rework. One of the world 4 bosses feels frustrating and gave the few testers that I have shared unreleased content with a lot more trouble than I intended, so it will probably need to be redone, or at least modified before I feel comfortable making those changes public.

On the bright side, I’ve done away with some of the distractions that have been delaying progress so substantially, and getting a release is now priority number one for a while. I really hope to get something out soon. In the meantime here is an incomplete changelog list:

– Finished world 4
– Added World 5
– Added Final Area
– 3 New Bosses
– 2 New Minibosses
– New World 3 Boss
– New World 3 Screens
– New items and characters
– Achievements
– New challenges
– Lots of new sound effects
– Added song title and artist to HUD
– Difficulty tweaks in worlds 2, 3 and 4
– Fixed a major memory leak when changing rooms
– Modified pole jumping mechanics
– Fixed position of carried objects when player is on a slope
– Fixed jumping from poles not restoring doublejump properly.
– Fixed bullet trails not adjusting to the correct angle after ricochets
– Fixed the black and white filter for all current objects
– Fixed an exploit that allowed skipping of 2 phases of the world 2 boss
– Fixed an exploit that broke the world 2 line puzzle
– Fixed the lava ride music restarting every time you pushed the p-switch
– Fixed not being able to reload before saving
– Fixed crawling off ledges not resetting max X speed until landing
– Fixed the head shaking animation on the forest guard
– Fixed a bug where move speed was not restored when jumping from a moving platform when crawling
– Fixed double jumping happening automatically when holding jump between rooms
– Fixed music player text not scrolling correctly
– Fixed some instances where non-restarting objects were annoying
– Fixed the crawl hitbox persisting when jumping from crawling or ducking
– Fixed a bug where you could wall cling while holding a throwable objects

And a to-do list:

– World 5 secret area (about 8 screens)
– Modifications to the final boss
– World 4 miniboss rework
– A few bonus screens
– Too many secret character sprites (dreading this)
– Some items (also dreading this)
– Warp room for worlds 4, 5 and the final path
– Credits
– New game plus
– Some additional screens for an optional area (secrety secrets)

All in all, not really that bad. I would really like to have a version 1 release candidate done before the end of next month, but I’m sure you know how I am. I’m doing my best. Please continue to be patient. In the mean time here are 2 more spoiler-ific screens from the unreleased world 5 (ignore the backgrounds, the screens are quite old at this point):


Spooky ghosties and stuff


Fun in the Sun

Big thanks again to anyone that still follows this project. Shoutouts to Forest Falcon for all the support! See ya soon!






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  1. Always exciting to hear about new updates from you Trigger! From that list it looks like you’ve been putting a heck of a lot of work in! That bit in there about character sprites, from the high quality bonus character sprites are available for the public version, I can only imagine how long it’ll take to get all of those done to your satisfaction. I really wish the best with those dreaded tasks on your list. I hope you’re going to be able to get a lot done while you’re feeling so productive cause I sure as heck know how hard it can be to get back into it if work starts to slow. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to make it through it all though and finally release a first full version. I know that there are many people that’ll love this game when it’s completed, and I’ll do my best to spread the word of it when it’s done! But until then, I hope you’re doing great Trigger, and you just keep chipping away, because so far what you’ve done with the game is awesome and it’s only going to get better!

    Cheers and thanks for the shoutout, even though I haven’t really done much. You’re doing the real work, and I’m sure the testers deserve a lot of credit.

    I’ll continue to keep watch and wait for when you’re next update is! See ya!


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