Late Night Rants #003 – Nearing the End

I know I should have been writing this post over a month ago. I know the game should be out by now. I know I’m late again, after all the final version should have been done by the 28th of May. So, first I’ll give an honest explanation for why it’s not done and give a list of what I still need to do to finish.

I was so close. Progress was being made somewhat slowly, but steadily for a while. I had about 1/3 of world 4 done in mid March and suddenly I disappeared, sort of. I’ll be honest. I had lost a lot of motivation. Staring at a project that I started about 2 years ago that was still incomplete, knowing that because of the nature of it there was no real way to justify (profit to be made) the amount of time and effort that I had poured into it left me feeling drained. I just wanted to finish, but I couldn’t let myself rush to the finish, so I took a break.

A few days off turned into a week. A week turned into weeks, and before I knew it it had been over a month since I had last opened the project. The break was incredibly refreshing. I decided it was time to start again, but this time I wanted to be more serious about it. I stopped doing a lot of things I enjoyed. Stopped visiting sites that were huge time sinks and devoted the vast majority of my free time to working on the game (and playing Dota 2, but thats not the point).

Work was going well. I am now up to the final area of the game (world 6), and I have started the final boss. Victory is so close, yet it feels so far away. I want to finish so badly, but I just can’t find the motivation to finish the last bits of work and polish that need to be completed before I feel comfortable calling it a finished game.

Whenever I run into a problem I find it easiest to solve it by identifying it as completely as I can. In this case I’ve made a checklist of everything I need to do to release the game, and here it is (note there may be some minor spoilers):

  • Final boss fight
  • Sounds and music for worlds 5 and 6 (and some of 4)
  • World 4 secret area
  • World 5 secret area
  • World 6 secret area
  • Add song title and artist to the HUD bar (already partially implemented)
  • Make the secret music player work for all songs
  • Finish achievements/trophies (system already working, just need to make all the triggers)
  • 10 or 11 6 secret characters (maybe a couple more, depending)
  • A few dozen or so secret objects (somewhat related to achievements)
  • Health bars for appropriate bosses/ minibosses
  • Tutorials for some power-ups
  • World 5 and 6 intros
  • Credits file
  • In-game credits
  • Some small secrets that I can’t share 😉
  • Fix music player initialization error
  • Testing, testing, and a bit more testing

The list is larger than I would like it to be. The goal now is to find a little bit of time every day and just chip away at it until it disappears. I’ve considered releasing another beta before the first release candidate, but I want at least some of the game to be a surprise for the people that have tested each of the versions as they were released.

To end the post, I want to thank anyone that has ever streamed the game, asked about my progress, downloaded it and gave real feedback, and pushed me to continue. It’s kinda of cheesy to say it, but it really did mean a lot, and support from the community is the only reason I’ve made it as far as I have.

I hope to see some feedback on the final version when it is released. I’ll try to keep this updated a little bit better as I continue. <3




  1. Hey, don’t worry about it, take the time you need so you can launch the game in all it’s glory, because I will love to play it once you reach that. Also, I heard that X in the final version may be nerfed. That almost saddens me a little bit because of how huge an accomplishment it felt like when I beat him for the first time. I think if you keep working on this game, you may want to consider something similar to ‘The True Arena’ in Kirby Super Star Ultra, where you could bring back the older more difficult version of X in all his glory. But don’t worry about things like that yet. Keep focused on each trial as it comes along and you will have at last completed this project and jump up to one of the greatest game creators on the I Wanna Be the Forums.

  2. Was watching some of my playthrough of this and wondered if there had been a new release. Glad to hear that the project hasn’t died and that you’ve found a new urge to wrap it up. Don’t worry about the delay.. all good things are worth waiting for. Can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for us.

  3. What this game is lacking, I feel, is cannabalistic giant monster cooking shows, I feel this would greatly enhance gameplay and entertainment on every level. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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